Cardio Clean is available in a box containing 30 sachets each. One sachet is one single dose. It should be taken after mixing it in approximately 200 ml of water everyday for 30 days. The same should be repeated once after taking a 15 day break.

The product was developed by Norvich Health Foods, USA, is now being marketed by JMA Heart Health Pvt. Ltd. in the form of CARDIO CLEAN. It has 95%-99% absorption from the intestine; EDTA is a food supplement.

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Advantages of Cardio Clean:

  1. It removes the effects of a heart attack.
  2. It removes or reduces angina pectoris-chest pains.
  3. It removes calcium from atherosclerotic plaque. Chelation reduce heart valve calcification, improves heart function, it reduces dark pigmentation associated with varicose veins.
  4. It can reduce or reverse the effect of a stroke, particularly after the stroke, but effective even after being late as two years following a stroke. It reduces the need for bypass surgical procedures.
  5. 5Lifestyle changes must be continued with consumption of cardio clean.
  6. Cardio Clean is NOT a medicine. It can be continued with conventi-onal allopathic medicines. It does not interact with their action.

How to consume?

Each sachet contains 3.5 gm of powder in which 1000 mg of EDTA is available. This is mostly absorbed to the blood (95%-99%) within 30 minutes.

It has to be poured into 1 glass of water, mixed & consumed.

Recommended Dosage: -
1 Sachet per day x for 30 days followed by 15 days gap. Then repeat
1 Sachet per day for 30 days

Maintenance :- (booster dosage)
1sachet every alternate day for 6 months


People with severe disease may need a higher intake of two sachets a day for 30 days and Cardio Clean can be consumed any time, but most suitable time is one hour after breakfast or lunch and dinner.


EDTA is taken out of the blood by kidneys like hundred of other chemicals, which are usually excreted by the kidney.

It is not fit for consumption for

1. Pregnant females/females trying to conceive.
2. People suffering from renal failure/function problems, or are suspected to be suffering from renal dysfunction.


Cardio Clean does not advice you to stop or reduce the dosage of allopathic or other medicines. Consult your physician, cardiologist for any withdrawal or stopping of medicines depending on the improvements.

Important Information

Cardio Clean therapy is not a cure. It helps in removing calcium from arteries which may lead to more compliant arteries which can improve general well being of the heart.

It contains various vitamins, mineral and enzymes which are good for a person and can help him recover from debilitating illnesses of the heart including angina.

If you do not take precautions suggested by your physician, don't stop smoking, take balanced diet and supplements, do basic exercises to make your body better, then someday, the disease may knock at your door once more.

But it is not a cure. It is a supplement. It is an aid to help your body heal itself, help it do something it should be doing itself but is unable to do so. It is giving the necessary tools to the body help heal itself.

“It is a food supplement for a Healthy Heart”